spruce^ki is an Australia-based software development company, with decades of experience in bringing value to businesses by building reliable software systems.

We relish the complexity of large-scale autonomous software systems.

We shift between macro and micro to harness the power of complexity and the elegance of simplicity.



These companies taught us about their business, and the opportunities they saw for improvement. We helped them make those improvements a reality.

Projects and Products

We build things that interest and challenge us. Our combined experience covers a range of product types including high frequency trading exchanges, multiplayer gaming platforms and process management systems. Our current flagship product is a next generation telco network and billing platform which we call TBill 3.


Pete Royle

Software developer since 1996. Owner and lead developer at spruce^ki.


  • Enterprise level Java
  • Ruby on Rails applications.
  • Active member of the open-source community
  • Author of Weld SE and Seam Cron
  • Contributions to the TorqueBox application server.

We are hiring!

At spruce^ki we are rolling out our new telecommunications platform, which means it’s time to look for some helping hands. If you are looking for a permanent position and you’re a good fit for any of the positions, please send us an email with your CV attached to careers AT spruce.ki